FAQ about Indoor television adverting

Indoor Television Advertising

Do I need to sign a contract?

No contracts! We believe strongly in our product therefore customer retention is not an issue. We also believe that our clients should always have the option to choose! Your ad can be live within 48 hours.

How long does it take for my ad to be posted?

Your ad will be posted no longer than 5 business days after your order is placed, however it can be posted as early as two days. You can either provide your own ad, or we can have our team design one for you!

What will be the length or duration of my ad?

All ADAG ads feature a 15-20 second duration or impression for each and every loop.

How do I pay for my membership?

NO administration fee, NO down payment required! Adag members submit a VOID CHECK to have their monthly payment withdrawn. Hassle free and convenient!

How many ads are running on your TVs?

ADAG leases to a maximum of 30 ads per TV screen. With a maximum slideshow of only 8 minutes. Your ad is guaranteed a minimum of 100 + impressions every day at each location!

How big are the TVs?

TV dimensions may range in size for esthetic purposes that are decided by our partners hosting the TV space. Currently, all TVs range between 46-50 inches!

What services are offered with Adag.ca advertising and consulting?

ADAG offerers various marketing services and connects clients directly with team experts. We can build your website, support networking services, and we also train and help entrepreneurs kick start their own marketing and advertising ventures.

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